Recap: Lake Hope "So Long, Summer!" Gravel Ride

Quick stats

  • 10 cyclists for south route

  • 1 cyclist for the north route

  • 37.5 miles

  • 3800 ft climbing

  • Gravel was sticky in many spots and a lot of new gravel on a lot of roads

  • No mechanicals

  • Temps in low 60’s to mid 80’s

  • Mixed sun and clouds

  • Zaleski car show

  • One turtle

  • Moonville Tunnel

  • Devil’s Table

  • Horses


This is a recap of the south route. One cyclist rode the north route.

We parked at the Lake Hope group campground in conjunction with Paradise Garage and Lineage Brewing Lake Hope "So Long, Summer!" Weekend and had a rain delay until the popup storms moved over.

Gravel roads were sticky from the popup storms. We stopped in Zaleski for a quick bathroom break and to look at some of the classic cars. The Moonville Tunnel was being cleaned so we stopped for only a moment to check it out. Mixed clouds and sun for most of the ride. Temps were in the low 60’s at the start and ended in the mid 80’s. Humidity ramped up during the ride. For most of the ride we kept almost all of the riders together in one group but as we got closer to the end we broke up.

We saw a turtle and some horses.

Route note: E. Raccoon Rd and Atkinson Ridge was “closed” to car traffic. Lots of scatter gravel fresh on the road. We cutout Wheelabout Rd and Shea Rd by staying on Mace Rd and backtracked to the tunnel before retracing the route up the climb.