Gravel 101

What is all the hullabaloo about?
Gravel grinding is getting out in nature on back country roads which for the most part are gravel. Country roads traditionally offer less traffic to worry about save for the occasional herd of goats or dog that may want to pace you on your bike. Check out the bike packing routes which provides an opportunity to bike on gravel for overnight or multi-day trips.

Whether enjoying scenic views through the state parks, or riding on country roads, OGG offers great routes to crush at your leisure. Visit OGG on Facebook to connect with gravel enthusiasts and share your own love of riding. Events are posted here year-round, varying in length and elevation, providing great riding options for beginners and experienced gravel grinders alike.

What’s in a name?

Ohio Gravel Grinder event names may have several terms associated with the route.

  • Grinder/Rambler - established gravel route that most likely has Category 1 or 2 roads.

  • Adventure - established gravel route that most likely has Category 2 or 3 roads

  • Explorer - testing out a new route or possible new additions to a route. Also may contain unknown gravel category. Once the route is “explored” an established route will be created with notes of hazards.

  • Monster - a gravel route 70 miles or longer usually pulling together multiple shorter routes.

Ride pace

Most of our rides draw multiple rider experience and capability levels.

  • Beginner’s may average 5-10mph

  • Our regular rides average 10mph

  • Faster riders join our ride and average 13mph+

What should I bring on a ride?

  • Spare tube(s). Some of us carry two, but carry at least one, even if you ride tubeless.

  • Two tire levers.

  • Pump / CO2 cartridges.

  • Multi-tool with allen keys specific to your bike. Some more popular sizes are 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.

  • Chainbreaker and spare chain-link come in handy. Make sure to get chain-link for your chain!

  • Spare derailleur hanger specific to your bike or generic replacement hanger. Muddy gravel roads gobble up derailleurs.

  • Wrap some duct tape or electrical tape on your seat post. It works handy when marking your seat post height. Avoid this tip if you have a dropper post.

  • Zip ties.

  • Tire boot. Park Tools sells a boot product to repair a tire sidewall.

Are there any beginner gravel routes?

Yes, we recommend Scioto Trail State Park for beginners because the road structure allows flexibility in mileage and difficulty. The OGG Centerburg 42 is a flatter route with a rail-trail running through the center of the route for bail out points.