Recap: DogGann Gravel Grinder

7 cyclists. 43 miles with 3250 ft climbing. Route is 50% gravel. 2 cyclists cut route short by staying on the Holmes County Trail. The Bridge of Dreams trailhead is newly paved with a shelter and portajohn. Temps in the 30’s when we started, and ended in the mid 40’s. It was sunny for all but the end of the ride. Roads were dry and fast except for the mucky section near the abandoned bridge. We saw a juvenile bald eagle and other eagles. We met BooBoo the pot belly pig and talked to some horses. Not a lot of dogs on the route. We saw a lot of calfs, including a lot living in cow-ndos on one farm. Lunch at the Buckeye Deli in Nashville was a nice rest stop. We also saw the saddest looking overlander group while tending to a slow leak at the Holmes County trail head.