Recap: Bladensburg Gravel 39

Quick stats

  • 30 cyclists

  • 38 miles

  • 3150 ft climbing

  • Gravel was sticky and soft

  • One lost and found water bottle

  • Some people chose to cross the stream at the end of the ride

  • Temps in low 60’s to low 70’s

  • Overcast for most of the ride

  • Horses, some friendly, some not

  • Puppies!

  • And a bald eagle!


We parked at the ballfields in Bladensburg on the west side of town. Gravel roads were sticky and soft in a lot of places. Several groups formed around comfortable paces. Our group had 10 consistent riders with us for most of the route. Overcast for most of the ride.

We stopped for lunch at a cemetery at the top of the hill again.

We saw some puppies running around near the bottom of the shark rock hill. They “attacked” Joyce, Frans and Amanda.

Route note: The south end of the route has a loop that can be cut out to make a 32 mile route. This route features 80% gravel roads and a stream crossing at the end.