Recap: Flint Ridge 45 Gravel Roll

Quick stats

  • Cindy Berard lead the ride

  • 10 cyclists

  • 39 miles (our group)

  • 3900 ft climbing

  • Gravel was fast and loose

  • No mechanicals

  • Karla’s first ride on gravel

  • Temps in low 60’s to mid 70’s

  • Sunny for most of the ride

  • Pony, goats and dogs!


We parked at the Flint Ridge State Memorial. Gravel roads were fast, loose and squirrelly. Extra squirrelly in places. Several groups formed around comfortable paces. Our group had 8 consistent riders with us for most of the route and then two left us to get back faster. Sunny for most of the ride. Two riders headed off the front early at their own pace.

We saw a pony and goats. A number of dogs yelled at us.

Route note: Our group cut out the last 5 miles of gravel on Mulberry and Bear Hollow. Cindy and Al rode the entire route.