Recap: Somerset 35 Gravel Grinder

Quick stats

  • 19 cyclists

  • 35 miles

  • 3150 ft climbing

  • Gravel was dry and fast

  • One slow speed climbing spill

  • One spill on a sharp turn

  • One bent chain ring

  • Temps in upper 50’s to upper 70’s

  • Sunny all day

We parked at Somerset Park on the south side of town. The bathroom facilities are closed unless there are baseball games being played. Gravel roads were dry, fast but sticky enough from the recent rains to keep us steady.. We had a slow speed spill on a climb and a spill on a tight turn. Groups broke into several paces finally settling down to a large group who stopped for lunch at the lake in Perry SF and sat near the water. The sun was nice but was a little hot to hang out for too long.

There were not many animal encounters except for some horses that wanted to say hi and a cat visited with us as we fixed the bent chainring.

Route note: The upper part of the route may need to be rethought because several of the gravel roads have now been paved. Gravel may only be 40-45% of the route now.