Recap: Tar Hollow 40 Gravel Explorer

Quick stats

  • 9 cyclists

  • 40 miles

  • 3000 ft climbing

  • Temps in low 60’s to mid 80’s

  • Shady route for all of the gravel sections

  • Sunny all day

  • One flat tire

  • Two derailleur issues


We parked at the Tar Hollow lake parking lot. Temps were cool to start. First adventure road is Albright. We asked the owner of the property if it was ok to pass by without jumping into the stream bed. The lower section is ridable and becomes a mix of hike-a-bike and then ridable over the top. The lower section on the other side is rideable in the lower stream area.

For this route we added a lower section with Riddle Road. Riddle is rideable for about 75% and becomes a hike-a-bike unless you are really strong. Before the climb we met with Goofy. At the top of the ridge we struggled to find the road and traveled back and forth until we headed further up and connected with another ridge road. The route is now updated to reflect the adjustment.

Radcliff Hollow is a nice long gravel climb up to connect with Gearing Ridge Road. Beech Grove Road is a nice paved downhill back to Pretty Run Rd.

Macedonia leads to Tatman Rd which was not as much a stream road this time. One derailleur issue at the bottom which reoccurred a couple times. We hike-a-biked to the top of the ridge. I had a derailleur issue with the locking pin on the clutch but resolved it. We dropped back down to Pretty Run Rd.

Carmel Road was not as much a stream this time either. We had a flat before starting the long steep section of the climb. Pleasant Ridge Road was drier than last week and was fun dodging the puddles and ruts. The ride ends with a nice downhill from the ridge through the main part of the park.