Recap: Woodbury No Grass Gravel Grinder

12 cyclists. 30 miles. 2900+ feet of climbing. Great route from Tim Cristy. The route is called “No Grass” because of an adjustment to remove the double track section with grass and mud. Gravel was dry and fast with only a couple of small sections of mud in the valleys and some fresh gravel. It was in the 50’s and overcast to start and ended sunny in the 70’s. A faster group broke off after a few miles. Two other riders left at bail out points leaving three of us in the last group. A few of us stopped at the old mine building and exploded a little. Our small group stopped for lunch and made coffee next to a bubbling brook. We saw some dogs including a trio of stinky misfits and a stinky cat. A woman stopped us to let us know there was a missing dog in the area. We also saw a roller coaster car sitting in the woods on the last big climb. I has a slow leak over the ride due to a loose valve core, but I could not get it tightened enough to fix it in the field.