Recap: Founders Fall Fondo - Barry Roubaix Edition - Charity Ride

Quick stats

  • 7 cyclists for adjusted route

  • 60 miles

  • 4500 ft climbing

  • Roads are mostly packed sand with some scatter gravel

  • No mechanicals

  • Temps in low 40’s to upper 50’s

  • Mixed sun and clouds

  • One runner (dog)


We rented a house that ended up being on the route so we started the metric century from there after we returned from picking up our welcome swag bag from the start area. This is not a timed event so riders could head out anytime after they checked in at the tent. The only section we cut out was the paved section in and out of Hastings.

Gravel roads in that area are mostly packed sand with some scatter gravel. There were storms during the week which helped pack it even more. The route winds its way though a lot of lakes and a few small towns. So many lakes. The famous Sager Road starts out as a double track climb and features soft sandy sections and widens as you get to the intersection.

We stopped about halfway through and ate lunch in a field. We stopped later at the Cedar Creek Grocery for drink refills and snacks.

The sun was shining when we started but the wind kicked up and clouds moved in during most of the rest of the ride. The sun came back out as we closed in on the finish. Temps were in the low 40’s at the start and ended in the upper 50’s.

We saw a lot of horses, cows and had one dog chase us for a bit.

Route note: At the grocery storewe talked to a local rider who said that Henry Road at about the 48 mile mark has been flooded for over eight weeks and she advised us to backtrack on the route to bypass the situation.

All three of the original routes are signed for navigation. A new 100 mile route is now an option. Routes available at Barry-Roubaix website.