Recap: Davis WV Gravel Adventure

40 miles. 4500 ft climbing. Headed out of Davis toward Blackwater Falls State Park and stopped for photos at the falls and Lindy Point. The Canaan Loop road includes rock gardens, stream crossings, muddy puddles and more rock gardens. Headed off the Canaan Loop road down to the Cheat River. On the way down I talked to bear hunters and then further down the road a couple of dogs ran with me. I dumped it in a rut and had to fix my handlebars. Also smashed my thumb into a rock which rendered it kinda useless. The route said portage the river, so I did. Cold and clear. Climbed out of the river valley and back down. Then back up, up, up to Canaan Valley. Stopped for snacks and drinks and then climbed out of the valley one final time back into Davis. Saw lots of deer. Big thanks to Blackwater Bikes for letting me park at their shop. Those guys are great.